Blissfully Meatless.
Naturally Vegetarian!

Can this really be vegetarian? Of course! Our products look and taste like real meat, but are made from a recipe based on pea and wheat protein. This means that they are not only mouthwateringly delicious, but also provide a valuable source of protein and fibre for a balanced diet. So whether you’re a vegetarian, flexitarian or meat lover, our range has something to everyone’s taste!



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Vegetarian Burger
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Vegetarian Burger
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The Good One:
Good for Everyone.

Sustainability isn’t a concern reserved for the few. We all need to rethink our actions – and this includes our eating habits. The Good One is therefore dedicated to developing products that forgo the use of meat – but not its delicious taste! This makes it easy to enjoy eating less meat whilst conserving the planet’s natural resources.

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Peas in a Pod!

With The Good One, we want to make it easy for you to enjoy a completely meat-free diet or reduce your meat consumption as part of a flexitarian lifestyle. Our products are based on pea and wheat protein. High in valuable protein and fibre, they help to support a balanced diet. So you could say that The Good One is twice as good! It tastes great and is good for you – and our planet.