A Good Choice

With The Good One, we want to make it easy for you to enjoy a completely meat-free diet or reduce your meat consumption as part of a flexitarian lifestyle. As versatile components in a wide range of dishes, a quick snack on the go or whenever it has to be fast, The Good One is an excellent choice for vegetarians, flexitarians, and meat lovers alike.

It not only tastes great, but is good for you – and our planet. After all, producing plant-based alternatives saves resources and is more sustainable for people, animals, and the environment.

Our Experience –
Your Enjoyment

We’re not trying to pull the wool over your eyes – we come from the meat production industry. Founded in 1958 as a family butcher, Abbelen is now one of the most cutting-edge and leading major companies in Europe’s convenience sector. Which explains why our products are so good! After all, we know exactly what matters when it comes to taste.

But we also know that current discussions concerning climate change and similar issues are leading people to rethink their own eating habits. We want to make our contribution, too. For you and the environment.

The Good One draws on our many years of experience in meat production and our high quality standards. This has enabled us to develop our own recipe to create vegetarian alternatives that completely renounce meat, but are in no way inferior in terms of appearance, taste, and consistency. This is achieved on the one hand through the exclusive use of the finest ingredients. On the other hand, every step of the production process – from the selection of raw materials through hygiene and safety regulations to packaging – is subject to regular and meticulous controls. But this isn’t just our promise – it’s our guarantee!

Peas in a Pod!

The star of our vegetarian meatballs and burgers is the humble pea. These little green balls are powerful protein bombs that more than deserve their title as a superfood! Together with beneficial wheat protein, the pea basis helps to create the excellent meat-like consistency of our products. High in valuable protein and fibre, they help to support a balanced diet.

The result is a range of meat alternatives you can enjoy with a clear conscience. Every day. Or whenever you want.

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